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mobiTopp is an activity- and agent-based travel demand model. Travel decisions such as destination and mode choice are taken situation-dependent and may take into account various influencing factors. Compared to traditional macroscopic travel demand models, this allows a more granular simulation and analysis.

mobiTopp combines proven concepts of travel demand modeling with the features of an agent-based model. Special features of mobiTopp are the particularly detailed performed population synthesis and a simulation period of up to one week. Sub-models which make use of current discrete choice theory can be implemented.

The modular setup of mobiTopp allows to extend the base version in various ways. Functionalities which have been developed already include electric and hybrid cars, station-based and free-floating carsharing as well as ride-hailing services. Furthermore, there exist extensions concerning stability of mode choice, a synthetic generation of activity schedules, among others.

mobiTopp is implemented in Java and released open source on Github.

Traffic assignment based on a mobiTopp model for the Stuttgart Region. More visualizations